Get both AutoBranch and Duct Bank Calculator Free when you subscribe to “EPS+ & NEPG”!

Buy-Level Price Updating with online Price and Labor units manual.

EPS+ is a web-based contractor-level price updating service. EPS+ creates price update files that can be read by most major electrical estimating programs. EPS+ also creates bills of materials with extended and totaled prices and labor units, Request for Quotes and Purchase Orders. The online National Electrical Price Guide is available on desktops, tablets and smart phones*. With a hyperlinked index your searches appear instantly.

Both EPS+ and the NEPG contain 30,000 individual items, 40,000 comparatives, and 9,000 assemblies with current contractor level pricing and manufacturers latest suggested retail prices. EPS+ is compatible with Accubid, BHS, Cobra, Conest, Deneb, Estimation, Estmat 2000, Excel, Forefront, Jade, Jaffee, Mc2, McCormick, Sirius, Timberline/Masterbuilder and TRF Certin


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